Argumentative Essay On Race And Eugenics

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Race and Eugenics are interwoven in the history of the world. Through the ‘discovery’ of race and the idea that there is one superior race; science has linked eugenics which is the study of agencies under social control that can better the racial quality of future generations to the possibility of a ‘clean race’. Through this essay the outline of race and eugenics will be explained further and why ‘artificial selection’ was appealing to nation states like the United States of America in the 20th century.
Race is defined as classifying people according to their physical and genetic traits. Non-Eurasian people experienced prejudice against them because they were believed to lacked Eurasian mental, moral and physical superiority. Darwin, a scientist, developed a theory of evolution which dominated most fields in science because it includes an idea of ancient hierarchy of human races. Eugenics is then building on the theory of evolution by Darwin by believing that there are differences in people of
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It was made possible through the implementation of positive and negative eugenics. Positive eugenics encouraged races that were seen to have good mental, physical and moral health to procreate by refusing contraception to women, denying men sterilization and giving families’ money to support their growing families. Negative eugenics works in the complete opposite, where it encouraged men and women who were seen to have ‘unfit’ traits to use contraception and be sterilized. Negative eugenics went far as to promote and enforce segregation of races, euthanasia and anti-immigration. The US tried to stop Mexican immigrants from entering the US because they were seen as having negative
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