The Outsider Book And Movie Analysis

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The book ,”The Outsider”, has some differences from the novel and the film. For example, when Randy(a soc) was talking to Ponyboy Curtis in the novel, Randy said that he was going to load up his mustang and head south; in the film Randy didn’t say this. These differences are not hard to tell sometimes, or they are obvious. Dallas Winston robbing a store, Sodapop Curtis less developed, the car accident, and Dallis chasing kids. Here are some differences in the novel and movie. First, The film starts out as Dally, Ponyboy, and Johnny, chasing kids who are playing cards. This is not mentioned in the novel, the novel starts as Ponyboy getting out of the movie theater thinking about 2 things, a ride home and Paul Newman(actor). Second, In the film,
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