The Outsider Johnny Character Analysis

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The death of the dream has very similar symbolism and causes , as Johnny’s death a character from The Outsiders. Johnny “was the gang’s pet. Everyones kid brother.” (page 12). Johnny was a “little dark puppy that has been kicked too many times and is lost in a crowd of strangers” (page 11). Johnny was always being spooked because he got jumped by Bob and his friends and beat up terribly. After that “ He would kill the next person who jumped him. Nobody was ever going to beat him like that again.” (page 34). Then when a drunken Bob jumps Ponyboy and Johnny with his friends, Johnny has no other choice but to stab Bob because if he hadn’t Ponyboy might have been drowned. After Johnny kills Bob, Ponyboy and Johnny go on the lamb to a church. The
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