The Outsiders Background

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S.E. Hinton is a famous young adult author who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her writing career started when she was at the young age of seventeen years old, when her first book, “The Outsiders” was published. S.E. Hinton knew she wanted to become a writer at a very young age. She wanted to write a book that was real and represented what many teenagers had to deal with in the 1960’s. Even though “The Outsiders” was published in 1967, it is still relevant today. S.E. Hinton has many more award-winning books and is happily living on a ranch in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and continues to write S.E. Hinton is a pen name meaning that she assumed the name, S.E. Hinton, instead of using her real name, which is Susan Eloise Hinton. The reason why…show more content…
The eldest, Darrel, his friends and brothers call him Darry, is twenty years old and serves as the father figure after their parents died eight months earlier. Darry gave up going to college and playing football to work and support both of his brothers. Sodapop is the middle child and is sixteen years old. He dropped out of High School to work at the DX (the gas station) and is the happy-go-lucky brother, while Darry is the serious one. The official summary that graces the back of many copies of “The Outsiders” says, “A heroic story of friendship and belonging. Ponyboy can count on his brothers. And on his friends. But not on the much else besides trouble with the Socs, a vicious gang of rich kids whose idea of a good time is beating up “greasers” like Ponyboy. At least he knows what to expect--until the night someone takes things too far.” This story is centered around this group of friends who don’t stick together because of fear, but out of love. This group of guys are as close as brothers and they would do anything for each other. Darry is the oldest member, Sodapop and his best friend, Steve Randle, who works at the gas station alongside him, Two-Bit Matthews, his real name is Keith, but everyone calls him Two-Bit because always wants to get his two-bits worth in and Johnny Cade who is sixteen-years-old and has alcoholic and abusive parents
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