The Outsiders Book And Movie

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The “Outsiders” novel / movie are both interesting stories. There are some similarities like , setting , charters . And there are differences like, the events change . The “ Outsiders “ novel / movie have similarities . The setting in the novel / movie stay the same . The setting in the novel is Tulsa Oklahoma , same with the movie . All the characters are the same , there are no personality changes . The characters keep their personality, and their “can do attitude “. Now it's time for some differences . All the events don’t stay the same . At the beginning of the movie ponyboy was supposed to get jumped . At the beginning of the book , Ponyboy got jumped by a couple of soc’s and they cut his head.…show more content…
then got jumped ,in the movie neither happened In the movie , Ponyboy and Johnny go outside of the church even know that they aren't allowed to . In the novel , Ponyboy and Johnny stay in the church, because Dallas told them to . In the novel There supposed to stay inside so they don't get caught . In the movie , they go outside to look at the sunset, and catch rabbits . So, you see movies and novels aren’t always the same

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