The Outsiders By Jordanan Harris

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Jordan Harris The Summary I have read the book The Outsiders and it was amazing. The Author is S.E Hilton and the genre is realistic fiction. There are 2 main characters Ponyboy and Johnny. Ponyboy is apart of a group called the greasers where he is the youngest, him, Johnny and his brothers are all in the gang as well. Johnny is 1 year older than Ponyboy unlike Pony,Johnny has problems at home. The setting is on the east side of a town where all the greasers live. Let's get to the book. In the book The Outsiders there are 2 rival gangs: The greasers and the socs(socials). The greasers hate the socs because they are more privileged than them and they are rich kids who boast about what they have. The socs hate the greasers…show more content…
Dally finally gets bored of teasing them and go gets food for himself. Ponyboy, Johnny and the girls start having conversations about their gangs. So now the girls need a ride and their boyfriends(which are socs) sees them walking with greasers and they get out and fuss a little and the girls get in the car and drive off. Johnny and Ponyboy stay out a little longer and the socs return. Johnny and Ponyboy where getting jumped and one of the greasers were drowning Ponyboy to death. Johnny took action by stabbing the soc and killing him. So johnny and ponyboy started panicking and they went to visit dally. Dally gave them a safehouse money and a gun to keep them safe. The boys migrate to that safe house and stayed there untill dally
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