The Outsiders Character Analysis

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Inside The Outsiders Brothers are always the closest one to each other. During all the difficulty, the brotherhood between Ponyboy and Darry have changed a lot. Although sometimes they have some misunderstanding, they always care about each other. In S.E.Hinton’s The Outsiders, the relationship between Darry and Ponyboy changes from conflict to emotional, and finally understanding. At the first part of the story, there are some conflicts between Ponyboy and Darry. Though Ponyboy’s narration he though his brother is strict and stiff, sometime he even believe Darry doesn’t love him at all. When Ponyboy wen home late, Darry was very worried about him. As a family leader and a austere person, he was mad at Ponyboy. After Darry yells at Soda, who was try to stick up for Ponyboy, Ponyboy explored. He can’t stand of Darry’s way of solving problems anymore. Moreover, Ponyboy yelled at Darry. Darry was so angry at that time and he slapped Ponyboy hard. Then “suddenly it was deathly quiet, we had all frozen. Nobody in my family had ever hit me, nobody”(Hinton 50). Darry didn’t mean to hit Ponyboy, however, as the eldest brother in this family, he was so angry that his little brother challenged his authority at that moment. Darry always gets mad at Ponyboy without asking the reason for Ponyboy’s affairs. Darry still treats Ponyboy as a little child who doesn’t understand anything, but Ponyboy is already a teenager, he has his own thoughts. Although madding at Ponyboy always
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