The Outsiders Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Outsiders: Compare and Contrast In the novel “The Outsiders,” by S.E Hinton and the movie by Francis Ford Coppola have numerous similarities and differences. Our thoughts on these particular aspects are very diverse as the universe is. Many things have been either left out or diminished from the movie, which makes it less interesting as the suspense lessens as you have finished reading the book. Although this might be the case, there were also many similarities between the two sources. The movie also missed critical events and that the author has included in her book, including Sandy, Ponyboy’s talk with Cherry Valance about sunsets, the streetlight in which Dally died, the hearing of Ponyboy’s fate at court, and Sodapop’s horse Mickey Mouse. These events and occurrences were impactful to the story’s plot and its resoluting outcome. Although the ending in the book was very dramatic, the movie also has a similar ending, but less breathtaking and thrilling. Many people ought to know that these events were also a trait that each character…show more content…
Yet the distinct differences between them also affect the plots to an extent to which the suspense in the movie is less compared to the novel. Although the differences greatly alter the two, it makes each of them unique and exclusive from each other. Despite these differences, there is one theme that links both the novel and the movie together: that people with different personalities, interests, and appearances are also the same to each other. The book shows more examples of this theme than the movie, making the novel more understanding to other individuals than the film itself. Because of this, we would recommend the book and film to those who experience a likeliness to the conflicts in each storyline, such as a fight between two different social
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