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A big conflict in the story is if they should turn themselves in or not. The way this starts is when they are eating ice cream at dairy queen and johnny says that he wants to turn himself in to the police. Dally thinks that it is a terrible idea. The way it is resolved is that they don 't follow through on turning themselves into the police because johnny got hurt. Then they were talking about in the news and the cops came to investigate. I rarely label people for their looks or financial status. I just leave them alone. If they don 't call me names i 'm not gonna call them names. I have heard people call others names and stereotype people. I have heard people 's stereotypes and believed they were true, but i eventually would notice that it was a lie. I think I am like Ponyboy. I think this because i like chocolate milk a lot like he does. Another reason is because we both are usually outside when we 're not sick. My final reason were…show more content…
They both are part of their own gang. They may call each other outsiders because they 're not part of their gang. They can only call each other outsider because they 're not apart of each other 's gang. So what i think is that none of them or all of are outsiders. Teen pregnancy back then was a huge deal. Today it isn 't a big deal at all. Back then you would have to move away and break up with the guy you 're currently with. Today teen pregnancy is a normal thing. There are kids in highschool pregnant and nobody really pays attention or cares. I say that the theme of the outsiders is don 't judge a book by its cover. I think this because everyone thought the greasers were no good scum who were terrible people but they turned out to be nice. An example is johnny, Johnny was thought to be a very shy person. Then he stabbed bob in self defense and socs thought he was evil. Then when ponyboy saved the kids everyone was shocked that a greaser helped kids out of a burning

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