The Outsiders Literary Analysis Essay

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Conflict Literary Analysis: The Outsiders and It's a Wonderful Life
In the novel The Outsiders by S.E Hinton and the movie It's a Wonderful Life directed by Frank Capra, both characters, Darry Curtis and George Bailey, face an external conflict because of the fact that they are both always sacrificing for family.

In the film It's a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra, the main character, George Bailey, faces many internal struggles that come from him sacrificing so much for his family. Starting off with George Bailey's biggest sacrifice, saving his young brother Harry's life that day. In the film, Frank Capra shows this sacrifice when the actors say: “Young George. You're gonna be ok Harry. Clarence. George saved his brother's life that day. Frankie. Thats right. Jo. But George caught a bad cold that led to an infection. Cost his hearing in his left ear,” (Capra, 15).Through this event, the viewer could surely see that that day, George sacrificed his life. Sacrificed his own life to save his younger brother, Harry. He could have left him to die, but no, he jumped in no matter what. Family is family, in any situation. And, right from the start, George has been sacrificing his own will for others.
Another situation is when, older than before, George later on still sacrificed all of his plans, hopes, dreams, and future for his younger brother. Him sacrificing his future is roughly showed when Capra writes:
“Clarence. I know. I know. He didn't go
Jo. Thats right. Not only that, but he gave his school money to his brother Harry, and sent him
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You misplaced eight thousand dollars?
George. Yes, sir,”(Capra, 77). In these few simple words, Capra shows how George took the blame for this huge situation. He took the blame for his Uncle Billy, the one whom lost the eight thousand dollars. He, when taken the blame, was going to be sent to jail. That would've been his poor old uncle, but no. He put his family's life before his, and sacrificed his own future once
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