The Outsiders Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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My final is about the difference between the book and the movie “The Outsiders.” This next paragraph is about the description difference between the book and movie. Then the paragraph after that will be about the description of the background or cars that the characters drive or live in. I think that the move and the book where basted of the same story but I think that when the directors made the movie with some different cars or house that can change the movie or they put different things in it so that the movie will look better. Altogether the movie and the book were pretty good and had good meaning to it about want to think of life and it’s alright to not be tough and hard. This paragraph is about the description difference between the main characters in the movie and book. In the movie Ponyboy’s description is tall, darkhair, brown eyes, and light color skin. But in the book Ponyboy’s description is small, good build, greenish grey eyes, and light brown hair. Another character is Johnny, but in the movie Johnny’s description is long hair, dark brown eyes, and dark skin. IN the book Johnny’s description is…show more content…
One thing that is different in the movie then the book is the Soc’s drive a blue mustang in the movie, but in the book the Soc’s drive a red corvair. Another thing that is different is the vacant lot in the movie is a dirt lot that is surrounded by trees, grass, and bushes with a rode that drives right by it. But in the book the vacant sounds like a old lot that was used for parking cars like at a school u got a parking lot for cars, so that's what i think of it when the story was talking about a vacant lot. In the book when the rumble went down the authors described it as a fight in the dark with gang against gang. In the movie the rumble was a fight right as the sun went down and it was raining hard and everyone was
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