The Outsiders: Comparison Of Book And Movie

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A book and a movie can be both the same and different. In The Outsiders there are many similarities and differences with the book and movie. They were the same because Johnny kills a man, they cut their, there was the movie scene, and Johnny and Ponyboy went to the church. Some of the differences is when Darry slaps Ponyboy but in the movie he pushes him, Johnny doesn't bring a lot of food in the book but does in the movie he does, when Johnny killed the man it was more described but it wasn't in the movie, and Johnny says he wants to kill himself in the movie. In The Outsiders one of the themes is “friendship” In the movie and book there were many similarities. One similarity was that there was the movie scene where they meet Cherry and…show more content…
One theme in The Outsiders is “friendship” this is shown all throughout the book and movie . One example of this theme is when Johnny killed Bob, who was a socs, to defend his friends. This occurs a lot with Johnny, who had very poor home life, for him it was all he had was friends. Another example was when Ponyboy ran away with Johnny to help him get away so he wouldn't be caught. This is a big deal because if Ponyboy is scene with Johnny then he will be accused too. For the greasers friends was all any of them had. My third example is when Johnny and Ponyboy help the children in the burning church. This is showing friendship because it was showing love. You don't always show friendship to just your friends but to everybody. My last example of friendship is when dally helped Johnny out of the fire. If he hadn’t helped him then Johnny would have died sooner in the book. Books can be different and the same as movies. In the book and movie there were many similarities and differences and many themes. Some similarities are the movie scene, Johnny kills Bob, Ponyboy and Johnny run away to a church, and They both cut their hair. The differences are Dally pushes Ponyboy in the movie but not in the book, Johnny’s killing scene is more described in the book, Johnny brings more things to the church than in the book, and Johnny says he wants to kill himself in the movie. To me the best theme in the story is friendship. I believe that every person needs to show friendship to

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