The Outsiders Movie Vs Book Essay

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Nothing gold can ever stay. This is the main quote from The Outsiders. The Outsiders is about the rising feud between two social groups. One social group is called the Greaser, and the other group is called Socs. During the story it is about to Greasers, Ponyboy and Johnny, journey. Pony and Johnny were in need of help which lead to a death of a Socs. In the book the other seven main Greasers help them escape, and go into hiding till the ongoing feud calms down. The book, and the movie had similarities and differences as well. The movie along with the book when I comes to the setting it is quite similar, and the plot. In both the movie, and book you can visualize the same church that Ponyboy and Johnny went into hiding at. When it comes to the setting in the movie you can tell the Greasers live in a getto verses the Socs who live in nicer places, like it is described in the book. A certain part called the rumble the…show more content…
In the book Greaser lived on the east side, and Socs lived on the west side. The movie says the Greaser live in the south, and Socs live in the north. During the book Ponyboy takes a lot of medicine before the rumble, but the movie he is fine, and is not sick. After the rumble in the book Ponyboy got really sick, and delirious, but in the movie after the rumble he is just all banged up. A major detail I found was during the movie Dally get shot by the police, but in the book he takes a gun, and kills himself. Nothing gold can ever stay means always stay true to who you are. The similarities between the book, and the movie were almost just your typical similarities. The Outsiders movie, and book I found to have more differences than similarities. I would prefer the book than the movie any given day. The book gives you more of an insider scoop into the Greasers’ lives for the reader. It also helps you develop more of an emotional connection with each
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