The Outsiders 'Nothing Gold Can Stay'

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The element called gold can almost stay forever. Elements are what most things in the universe are made of. But what does the meaning "Nothing Gold can Stay"? And how do The Outsiders somehow relate to it? It could honestly have more meanings than one if you really, really thought about it. But, that 's all that takes. Just a little bit thought. The simple way of life that you go by can 't always fall in you favor. Things can happen out of nowhere and it can happen to you. Just like how Ponyboy and Johnny got jumped that night at the park, right after Darry scared off Ponyboy. (Nobody was around at two-thirty in the morning, and it was a good place to relax and cool of, Hinton 47). Everything seemed to be going smoothly for them at that moment, but "Nothing Gold can Stay". ("You could use a bath, greaser. And a good working over. And we 've got all night to do it. Give the kid a bath, David" Hinton 49). And, well, we all now how this song and story goes. (He was sitting next to…show more content…
When you have something that you treasure very much, you want it to stay forever. But, you cant always have nice things, can you. kinda like how Dally treasured Jonhnny in a way, that most could not see. ("Damn it, Johnny..." He begged, slamming one fist against the wall, hammering it to make it obey his will. "Oh, damn it, Johnny, don 't die, please don 't die..." He suddenly bolted through the door and down the hall, Hinton 127). As Johnny died dally broke down and could not help himself to bring back his only treasure that he could not have. And because he couldn 't bring it back, he later died in the story because he knew he couldn 't do a thing. Also therefore "Nothing Gold
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