The Outsiders Pony Character Analysis

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Anyone can be a Hero including Greasers. A hero is a person who helps others with courage and will sacrifice things for others eventually becoming a good role-model. Pony is a hero, he saves others when their might be sacrifices for him. Dally was not a hero, he was not nice to others but to people in his gang he was fine. Johnny was a good person and a hero showing we all can change into heroes. Not all “bad” people are actually bad.

Pony is a hero. He saved kids from burning in a Church with Johnny. Like when he said “We dropped the last of the kids out as the front of the church started to crumble.”(p.93) Pony saved the children from curtain death which it states in that quote. He also stayed with his friend, Johnny, even when his friend was sick and almost dead. Pony went into Johnny's hospital room to visit him. “We went in practically on tiptoe”(p119) states Pony when he wanted to visit Johnny with respect for his needs
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Even though he killed some one he was still saving Pony. Pony thinks “Next thing I knew I woke up on the pavement beside the fountain”(p.56) after he almost drown. Johnny saved Pony from being drowned. He helped Pony get the kids out of the burning church. This quote from the book states Johnny saved kids from dying in a burning church“the door was blocked by flames, pushed open the window and tossed out the nearest kid.”(p.92) It shows that he saved kids from burning in a church.

A hero helps others at any cost making people use them as an example of good stewardship. Greasers are not always good but some are kind people. Pony defiantly was a hero who helped others. Dally did not care he was not a hero and that shows the reader he was not. Johnny killed someone but it was to protect Pony and he helped saved kids from burning in that burning Church. All and all the Greasers in the story were kind to their fellow gang members and even sometimes to strangers. They might hurt others but they also have the capability to be
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