The Outsiders Reflection

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We were assigned to read a story and make a book report of it, I decided to do it on The Outsiders. When I made this decision, I did not know what a huge change would this story make in me. The Outsiders is about the adventure of a young man who lived in a society with two classes divided by their socio-economic status: the “socs” and the “greasers”. Because he belonged to lower class, the greasers, he went through situations that kids that age don 't usually go through, like smoking or, you know, killing people. He and his friends have adventures, and he tells this story to bring attention to some of them, more on this later. This story made me realize some things about humanity and the real world that I hadn 't thought about. Mainly it taught me that even the toughest people have a breaking point. In this essay im going to talk about: Dally, how it’s written and the ending. My favorite character of the story was Dally. Dallas Winston was a tough-looking, dangerous, cold and mean 17-year-old, that saw the inside of jail at the age of 10. At first I didn 't really like him because he was “the bad guy”. He didn 't follow the rules at all, he robbed and was mean to everybody, why would I like him? After the story went on, I realized that he was really extraordinary. He loved someone so much that he 'd rather die than live in a world without that person. Even though it’s sad, I found really inspiring that even the people that seem horrible can feel pain so harshly. It made me
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