The Outsiders Scene Analysis

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(Bullets 1 & 2) In The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, one scene begins will Dally, Ponyboy, and Johnny driving back from Dairy Queen, they spot the church blazing in flames. A school group of people standing around the church and Ponyboy and Johnny jump out of the car to find out what's happening. As they arrive on the scene, one of the women shouts that some of the children are missing. Both Ponyboy and Johnny leap through a window of the church in search of the kids. The boys quickly find the kids and hand them out through the window to safety. Dally is now on the scene and he warns the boys to get out because the roof is starting to cave in. After dropping the last kid out of the window, Johnny shoves Pony out the window, and the roof collapses. Pony blacks out, but Dally goes back inside for Johnny. In the novel, Ponyboy is the one telling the story.

(Bullet 3) The way that the point of view affects the reader’s interpretation is that they are always favoring the greaser’s side of the story and the reader only hears one point of view. As a result, Ponyboy makes you believe what Ponyboy says or believes.

(Bullets 4, 7, & 8) In this scene, (evidence 1) Ponyboy made it
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(evidence 1) In this scene, the reader would be made to side with Johnny or Dally’s side because they might make the reader think the kids that were in the church could have started the fire and not a lighted cigarette that Johnny and Ponyboy might have left in the church. This would make what Ponyboy or Johnny innocent to the church fire. (evidence 2) Also, Johnny or Dally could make the reader believe that the fire was caused by someone else who was in the church or in the area. Because of this, the reader would never see how Ponyboy felt about the fire, the reader would only see that the fire was caused by a lighted cigarette their either Ponyboy or Johnny
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