The Outsiders Setting

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One day after another greasers and socs are constantly being judged because of the way people put them in stereotypes. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, shows what these groups are truly like. The Outsiders is about a group of greasers that live in Oklahoma on the East side of town, around the 1960s. One of the main characters in The Outsiders is Johnny, People see him as the little brother and the beat up dog of the group. As a result, of reading The Outsiders, it is shown that the setting of it is constantly affecting the storyline as well as the development of the characters. To begin with, the storyline of The Outsiders is constantly affected by the setting. For example, the setting affects the story by saying what is making the socs and…show more content…
First thing to remember, is the fact that since the greasers get jumped by the socs, (Johnny getting the worst beating out of the group,) they don’t have as much free will, unlike the socs, who think they can do whatever they want. To explain this further, if the socs and greasers lived in the country, like it states in the book, they wouldn’t feel the need to jump each other anymore because the stereotypes wouldn 't be in the country, unlike Oklahoma. Another way the setting affects Johnny is the fact that, Johnny wouldn 't have to fear both the his parents and the greasers. The meaning of this is the fact that Johnny wouldn’t have that depressed, dark personality. For instance, in The Outsiders it states, “He would have ran away a million times if we hadn’t been there.” (Page 12) This is showing that the group cares for Johnny even during this rough time. Moreover, another example is “I had a long walk home and no company, but I usually lone it anyway.” (Page 1) This is explaining the fact that Ponyboy doesn’t feel he can go watch a movie without him being judged for what he likes. If the gang lived somewhere else, then maybe they could have the free time to enjoy a movie with Ponyboy. In conclusion, this is how the characters are affected by the setting. Under those circumstances, it is now known for sure that the setting affects the characters and the storyline,
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