The Outsiders: The Outsiders: Book And Movie Differences

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In 1983, Francis Ford Coppola created the film version of S.E. Hinton’s book The Outsiders. In the movie and the book, the story takes place in a town where people are segregated by where they live. People on the east side were called greasers, and people on the west side were referred to as the socs. The main character remains the same in both the movie and the novel; his name is Ponyboy. In the book, and the story basically the same thing happens to Ponyboy, with a couple differences sprinkled here, and there. Throughout the book, and the novel it is clear that there are many similarities, and differences. There are 3 major changes that affect the story. One change that greatly affects the story is Mickey Mouse isn’t in the book. Another …show more content…

In the book Sodapop has a horse named Mickey Mouse, and he really cared about the horse. In the movie, it didn’t show Mickey Mouse, so you never got to see the other side of soda; the soft side. In the book it says "He may have belonged to another guy, but he was Soda's horse" this quote is talking about Mickey Mouse. Another quote from the book is Pony describes Mickey Mouse as an “Ornery Pony” this is also referring to Mickey Mouse. This was a bad change for many reasons. One reason is in the story they did talk about Mickey Mouse, and that was a big factor, because it really showed how much Sodapop cared for his horse. Another reason that it was a bad change was, because it showed how much he was dedicated to getting his horse back, and that if he loved his horse that much, then he must love pony too. Finally it was a bad major change, because it really showed Sodapop’s character traits. Sodapop seems like the kind of person who is really tough, and doesn’t love anything, but when he loses his horse he is almost like a different person. So in the end it is clear that taking Mickey Mouse out of the story was a major

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