The Outsiders What Makes A Hero Analysis

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In the article, What Makes a Hero, the author says that a hero is “someone who is willing to make a personal sacrifice for the benefit of others”, and in the novel, The Outsiders, Johnny is the main hero of the story. He is a kid whose parents never cared for him, and even went as far as to beat him. He is part of a social gang called the Greasers, and throughout the story you can see that this gang, and the members in it, are Johnny’s real family. The article, What Makes a Hero, is about the idea of what a hero is, and what would make a hero. In The Outsiders, Johnny put others before himself several times, including, when Johnny ran into a burning church in order to save children from the fire and later saved Ponyboy, when Johnny saved Ponyboy’s life from another social group called the Socs, and when Johnny decided that he was going to turn himself into the police for murder, so that Ponyboy didn’t have…show more content…
In The Outsiders, after Johnny had killed Bob, Ponyboy and Johnny had to go on the run because they didn’t want to be caught, but Johnny says later on that he doesn’t want Ponyboy to have to live this life, and he is willing to turn himself into the police. Johnny couldn’t gain anything from this, and is willing to sacrifice the rest of his life because he doesn’t think it’s fair that Ponyboy has to live his life in hiding and away from his family. In the text, it says, “Johnny nodded. ‘I 'm sure. It ain 't fair for Ponyboy to have to stay up in that church with Darry and Soda worryin ' about him all the time.’” Johnny decided that he was going to turn himself in to the police because he 'd rather face the consequence than force Ponyboy to face the hardships of living on the run with him. He puts Ponyboy’s life and comfort before he thinks of himself or what could happen to him. Not only was Johnny willing to give up his life and freedom so that Ponyboy could be with his family, but he was willing to sacrifice his life for innocent children, and his best
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