The Ox-Bow Incident Movie Review

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Taylor Bluebaugh HST306 Dr. Katherine Osburn 11/3/16 The Ox-Bow Incident Film Review The film I decided to review is the “Ox-Bow Incident”. The film is little over an hour long and is about a posse of towns people seeking justice for a farmer being murdered and having their cattle stolen. The posse finds a group of 3 men that seem to fit the description. The story of this film comes from a book also titled “Ox-Bow Incident” which was written by Waler Van Tilbug Clark in 1940 and the film was directed by William A. Wellman in 1943. The main cast consisted of Henry Fonda (Gil Carter), Dana Andrews (Donald Matin), Anthony Quinn (Juan Martinez), Mary Beth Hughes (Rose Swanson), William Eythe (Gerald Tetley), Harry Morgan (Art Croft), and Jane Darwell (Jenny Grier or “Ma”). In the movie, we find that a posse is looking for a…show more content…
The posse ends up finding a group of 3 men sleeping with some cattle that fit the description of the murderers. They decide to take justice in their own hands and hang the three men. The posse then heads back to town thinking that justice was served and when they get back they find out that Larry Kinkaid is alive and the men who shot him are in custody. To begin with when I first started watching the movie I thought this was going to be some boring old movie that I wouldn’t get very much out of after watching it, but once I finished it I had a totally different perspective on old westerns. I found this movie to be very interesting and sad. What really stuck out to me was that it was a lot darker and deep than I thought it was going to be. From the beginning, right to the very end it feels like a dark shadow is creeping over the movie and you can kind of see how the lightening changes from a decent
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