The Paiute Indian Tribe

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Paiutes Indians The Paiute Indian were a native Americans tribe in Utah.Paiute language is one of the northern Numic branches of the large Uto-Aztecan language family. The Paiute Indians started to go in Colorado.A lot of people thought that the Paiute Indian came to Utah in a.d.1100-1200. The Paiute Indians were grate at making tools and weapons. The Paiute tribe was also called the PITU was created by congress in the 3 of April in 1980. The congress though the Paiute trending them.The Paiute were mostly near the virgin and muddy rivers. Both the desert and riverine groups did the same hunting,rabbits,deer,mountain sheep, gathering seeds,roots,tubers,berries,and nuts. They raised corn,squash,melon,gourds,sunflower,and wheat.

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