The Pakistani Minority In Pakistan

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Minority is defined as a distant group of people being in small number. They can be separated from the majority, the dominant group, on the basis of culture, ethnicity, race, caste, religion, sex and language. A society may have couple of minorities, characterized by their composition. According to the by Francesco Capotorti , Minority are usually possess numerically lesser representation in a society in a non-dominant status and have ethnic, religious and linguistic difference from the dominant majority.
They are generally isolated from the leading services; minority usually develops sense of alienation from a full participation in the society. Mainly, the role of minority varies from society to society depending on the composition of the social system and the comparative authority of the minority group.
The Pakistani minority constituted 8% of the total population. The Pakistani minority consists of Ahmadis, Bahais, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jains, Kalasha, Parsis and Sikhs. They distinguish from the Muslim minorities as they were not the conquered people (dhimmi’s). They opted for Pakistan during partition . They experienced partition violence and suffering same like the dominant Muslim majority. They stood with other citizens in the defense and security of their combine homeland. Despite their solidarity and association, they have only received discrimination from the successive government.
The distinguish Pakistani minority was clearly understood by the founder
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