The Paleo Diet Plan

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Ever wish you could eat what you want, when you want and still lose weight? With the Paleo diet, you can! There 's no special exercise required with this diet plan. You don 't even have to count calories. That 's what makes the Paleo Diet unique. There is much to be said about the foods that our forefathers ate. In my grandmother 's day, they farmed their own animals and grew their own vegetables, which really could account for their long and mostly healthy lives. What researchers say is that way of life was better. We could be healthier or have less probability to suffer with diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease if we include plenty of protein and fiber in our daily meal plans. It stands to reason that if you like fish, fruits and fresh vegetables, you 'd take…show more content…
In conclusion, The Paleo Diet requires a lifestyle change... there 's no two ways about it. The diet relies heavily on protein from animals and avoiding all dairy products. Before the convenience of fast food joints, we ate what was on our plates which was wholesome, healthy foods. People were healthier 100 years ago. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis were not as prevalent as it is today. With the Paleo Diet, you can eat as much as you like without worry of side effects, however, staying on the meal plan could be costly. To cut cost, try growing your own vegetables. There are many ways in which to start a garden and plenty of fun DIY alternative ideas if you don 't have a huge back yard or a yard at all. We know eating from scratch can also be time consuming, therefore, you may want to take some time out to plan your meals. While at the market, look for foods that are fresh and organic or patronize your local farmer 's market. Think about including plenty of greens in your menu to get the calcium you will miss from the diary products. If you are already participating in a diet regime or are taking supplements, be sure to discuss with your doctor
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