The Panama Canal David Mccullough Analysis

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After reading the essay by David McCullough, one could have a much better understanding of what it really means to learn about history. He wrote about how most people do not know everything they should already know or at least have an idea about of our history. Many people are not taught about the little details of certain situations that make our history more interesting and true. If the generations and people of today are not taught right, then the younger generations will know even less. This could possibly continue going on until all of what 's taught about history is just a guess or completely wrong. I think if more people knew all the accurate things about history, it would be found quite more enjoyable, making them want to learn it. Resulting in all future generations having a correct outlook on American history. One point I found especially interesting was about the work done on the Panama Canal. The Canal was built to open in 1914, a time when the world had limited electricity. The structure of the canal is still holding up unquestionably well still with how it was put together, maybe even better than it could have been constructed today. This goes along with the Work, Exchange, and Technology theme. The people working…show more content…
In this essay, it says that Samuel Eliot Morison wrote about how important learning history is, “So, too, we ought to read history because it breaks down dividers between the disciplines of science, medicine, philosophy, art, and music, which is all part of the human story.” I find it truly fascinating how much one can learn all from studying history. This point could go along with the culture and society theme. In each subject that goes along with history, there are different cultures that make its background. Since they all go into history, this shows that history is full of different cultures and
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