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When the author's daughter notices a girl with a Cinderella backpack, the daughter starts to ask her mother countless questions about the princess on the backpack, as well as all the princess merchandise in the store. The author starts think that, the reason she's probably asking her so many questions is because the daughter is starting to think that she doesn't want her to be a girl.
The author goes on to explaining even thought media over promotes that girls should be princesses, studies show that girls still find satisfaction in torturing their Barbie’s and cutting off all of their hair.
Lyn Mikel Brown who is an other brings up the point that maybe it is not the parents no longer have a say, because companies now manufacture so many products
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Many years ago, the colors were opposite. Pink was a boy color and blue was a girl color, hence the color of Cinderella's dress.
The author tells us that in the book “The Paper Bag Princess,” a princess goes to rescue her prince charming and he rejects her because while saving him, her dress gets ruined as well as her hair. He rejects her and tells her to dress how she should, but she just runs off to live a happy life alone. The author also tells us that even thought she doesn't want her daughter believing in all of these fairytales and princess stories, she still hopes that she finds her prince charming and has children with him and won't mind taking care of them or doing the dishes.
The author came across the game Super Princess Peach and admired how in the game a group of princess' where getting down and dirty, as they went through obstacle courses and challenges in their beautiful gowns, tiaras and heels. Scholars think that the reason for the Super Princess Peach game coming out was, because of 9/11. They say that since the world is becoming dangerous, super peach is the response to
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So, mothers started enforcing their daughters to wear frilly, pink, and innocent looking dresses to get them away from shirts exposing too much skin.
Sharon Lamb disapproved of mothers buying the pink dresses, claiming that there were other ways to direct innocence in their daughters. She said that clothes with ladybugs or caterpillars, are better and more effective because the frilly light pink slowly evolves to them wearing hot pink, and hot pink is viewed as more of a sexual color. So technically, parents end up back in square one.
The author then talks about how she went into Club Libby Lu and everything was decked out in the girly-est things, and how they had spas to make their own make-up and a section called pooch parlor, to pick out stuffed puppies to care for. She also talks about how she meets a mother there waiting as her daughters participated in the Club Libby Lu activities. The mother had told the author, how some of the items they sold there made little girls look like

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