The Parent Trap How Teenagers Lost Ability To Socialize Analysis

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Social media and social networking play important roles in people’s lives. The way of living life from the past generation to the current generation is changing unquestionably. Children are raised up with electronic devices, such as iPods, iPads, smart phones, laptops, tablets, computers, and so on. A student from California State University of Las Angeles, Yzzy Gonalez has written an essay “Technology Taking Over.” She opens her essay talking about her morning routine. Gonzalez says, “I jump in the shower, get dressed for the day (based on what is telling me to expect)” (50). My morning routine starts similarly. Technology has been important and advantageous in my life. It is true that technology does have some negative impact…show more content…
We can watch videos on YouTub and google to learn, or know something new. For example, as an English second language student, sometime I have a hard time understanding what the teacher is teaching in the class. Therefore, I look up the topic in YouTube. Youtube has been the tutor source for me. Also, I watched online videos to learn new recipes for cooking. Importantly, technology saves time. In the essay “The Parent Trap: How Teens Lost Ability to socialize” by Clive Tompson”, he talks about it is not teens fault that they are losing face to face conversation or social skills, but it is parents mistake. To support his essay, Thompson has written research fact which had been done by Danah Boyd. Boyd discovered, “is that today’s teens have neither the time nor the freedom to hang out” (56). Students have a hard time managing time for socializing with friends and family face to face due to the busy schedule. Therefore, technology is useful for students. For example, to do research paper for academic, now we can use the internet to do research. If there was no development of technology students had to search for the book and read which would take a lot of time, but now students can just type it in a few words and everything else can finished by internet. Why do we need to have face to face conversation when we can deliver same the message by phone call, or by text? We do need to have face to face conversation, but in our busy life sometimes social networking is the best choice. Also, all my math homework and exams/tests are need to be done in MyMath Lab which is an online program. In MyMathLab, While I am doing my homework and if I don not know how to solve the problem, I can just click on example or help. If I click on the example, program will solve similar problems. If I click on help, it will help me to solve the problem step by

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