Scope And Perspective: The Role Of Democracy

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uite evidently, mass media and parliament are twin dynamic institutions central to the sustenance of democracy. Their conceptual and contextual basis is inherently imbedded in their role framework. Hence, to properly provide meaning to the two concepts attempts have been made to, distinctly, locate their scope, role and broad functions in a democracy. In other words, to be able to clearly understand the two concepts, the approach adopted in this work is to situate them within the context of the role they are expected to play in a democratic environment and the functions they should embark on. This causal synthesis essentially forms the nucleus of this chapter.

Parliament: Scope and Perspective

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Nigeria, however, remains a good case study here. For parliament to remain relevant in a democracy and be able to carry out its basic duty of lawmaking, it has to first of all, win the battle of legislative independence. More importantly, the parliament has to assert its own autonomy and unique identity without being subservient to the executive. Ibrahim corroborates this submitting that it is the only way the legislature can retain its power and remain the most powerful institution in democratic regimes. The awesome power of the Parliament can be seen from its ascribed monopoly to make laws through which it creates other powers. More so, it has power to establish “new commissions and agencies; enactment of policy and the control
of expenditure through the process of Appropriation Laws”.
In democratic theory therefore, the powers of legislatures are, at least, as important, if not more important than the

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