The Parthenon And The Pantheon Of Rome

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Architecture has been of great importance to civilizations since ancient times. Western society has a lot of its basic principles that were inspired by the Greeks and the Romans. These two ancient societies built great structures that still stand today. During this discussion the Parthenon of Greece will compared to the Pantheon of Rome.
The Pathernon is a temple that was built in ancient Greece in the 5th century in the city of Athens (Silverman ,n.d.). The Pathernon was said to symbolize the power of the politician Perikles who commissioned it’s building Athens (Silverman,n.d.). The building of this temple was also a tribute of sorts to the Greek victory in the Peloponnesian War.
The Pathernon is built in the Doric style of building which consist of a rectangular floor (Silverman,n.d.). There are a series of columns measuring 8 by 17 which are referred to as a colonnade. There’s an addition of low steps on every side and each one of these buildings consisted of two rooms. Each room had its own entrance and the two rooms differed in their respective sizes.
The style of the Pathernon shows a few things about the Athenians. They were a highly spiritual people who believed that the gods were in their favour. The building was dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena which shows how important this deity was to the Greeks. Thus both the style and the function of the buildings design were intended for religious purposes.
The Pantheon is a temple that was built in ancient Rome as
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