The Parthenon: Athena Goddess Of War And Wisdom

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Athena Goddess of War and Wisdom, it takes a tremendous and strong woman to get a title like that. When reading about the Parthenon; like the construction, the history, and of course the statues, you really can understand how appreciative Greeks were back in Ancient times. The Parthenon was created to house the appreciated women, Athena’s statue. What is the history behind Goddess Athena; that brought so much pride and joy to the Greeks, with her title being so harsh and forceful to deserving a twelve meters high statue and temple dedication. In this paper I will explain to you, who this woman with very extravagant helmet was. Now Goddess Athena has a very interesting story, starting from her birth, she was born from the forehead of her father Zeus. Zeus attempted to pursue Metis,…show more content…
This was a failed attempt stage on creating the famous statue because it began after a battle. Time just wasn’t right to create a masterpiece. It made all the better to construct the temple there; especially because it would be seen from far away. The statue was built in 438 B.C. directed by Phidias but the architects were Iktinos and Kallikrates; the artwork was originally made of gold and ivory, with very specific details all around. She wears her shield as one of her most important accessories on her left side that guards a snake behind it. The helmet she wears is much decorated with a sphinx in the center; the clothing she wears looks heavy but angelic with snakes around her collar. The statue is standing on a somewhat high platform surrounded by Doric columns; which are throughout the entire Parthenon temple. In the temple there are sections called pediments; there’s a west and east side. Because it is about and fro Athena, the east side portrays Athena’s birth with other gods and goddess also in the picture. West side portrays one of Athena battles with her uncle Poseidon; god of the

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