The Pastillado Rhetorical Analysis

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“I didn’t move. Instead, I took out the Beta Capsule and held the small metal cylinder in the palm of my avatar 's hand. Sorrento had tried to kill me.” (339) In this passage, Wade, the protagonist, decides that the antagonist has had enough of power and kills in the real world and OASIS. Wade then shows courage even when he should be doing different things, namely entering the third gate before he is killed. Wade shows a lot of courage throughout the story through suspense. At the beginning of the story, Wade is showing courage even if he doesn 't know it. One great example is on page 133. Wade decides to “pull up the contact card attached to Sorrento’s email and tapps the chatlink invitation icon at the bottom.” This part of courage is more stupid than courageous, but it still takes a lot of guts to talk to someone everyone hates about joining them. Wade agrees to a conversation to join a group that is trying to ruin OASIS,…show more content…
The author uses a lot of suspense to portray this courage, like the example above. He uses words like “I pressed the logout button” (145) and ends paragraphs in suspenseful ways. One great ending is when Wade is about to see Sorrento and do deals with him, and it ends the entire chapter with the words “and tapped the chat link button.” (133), making us think and assume about what is happening next. This shows suspense in a sense because it turns a tiny action into an almost book-changing one mainly by dropping off at the most exciting moment. This type of suspense also causes the reader to “have to” keep reading. A few pages later, the author creates suspense again when Sorrento says “sit down Wade.” Even though they have his home wired with explosives, he still logs out. The author again drops off and waits at least half a page until he makes the bomb go off. Once again, the reader has to think “was he bluffing or not” and makes the reader continue to read when suddenly, bang, there 's your
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