The Patchwork Mysteries

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The Patchwork Mysteries is a cozy mystery series written by a variety of authors including Kristin Eckhardt, Jo Ann Brown, Vera Dodge, Cara Putman, Kelly Ann Riley, Susan Page Davis, Camy Tang, and Cara Putman. With some of the authors having 2 or even three titles to their name, the series has 27 novels that were published between 2010 and 2013. The chief protagonist on the mysteries is a quilter named Sarah Hart. When we first meet Sarah, she is an expert quilter living in Maple Hill, New England. An expert weaver and restorer, she puts her skill to work restoring the most complex of mysteries and histories from the past that have long been lost or forgotten. Her love for quilt restoration results in the revelation of some of the town’s most…show more content…
Sarah makes a living restoring antique quilts and renting out some of the rooms in her house. One of the biggest mysteries in her family is the disappearance of her grandmother Molly in 1920 leaving behind a six-year-old boy and a husband. The young woman had disappeared without a trace and Hart’s grandmother had been under a cloud of suspicion ever since, with many townspeople believing he had something to do with it. In what could be termed a lucky break, Sarah’s granddaughters stumble upon a secret passageway in the old family home. The passageway leads to a room that has a quilt that belonged to her father – the then six-year-old boy. When she presents the lost quilt to her father, it seems that she is on the path to solving one of the oldest mysteries of her hometown. However, with her father suffering from Alzheimers, will she be able to get anything from him?

Another popular novel in the Patchwork series is Secret in the Stitches by Jo Ann Brown. Sarah Hart is about to leave Maple Hill to go visit Jenna her daughter when Ella Buttonwood one of her closest friend ambushes her with an intriguing discovery: it turns out that her old house had a false wall behind which were fabrics and patterns that were proof that her family had been an important stop in the Underground Railroad. Could it be true that runaway slaves had found refuge in her hometown? Could the little town have been a critical component in the flight to
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