The Path Of Life In Thomas Carlyle's Notes From Underground

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We all aspire to something in our lives. We desire to become someone, obtain something, visit some places. The goal in life is like a beacon, without which it is easy to get lost on the path of life. A philosopher Thomas Carlyle once stated: “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.” Therefore, it is crucial to determine which direction it is worth moving by setting up a goal for a day, week, month, year and ultimately for a lifetime. However, there are people whose desire to put himself above others, and if he succeeds, then to such a person seems that the world revolves only around him. This quality refers to the negative, because behind it: are immodesty, pride, sometimes even callousness these people are called selfish. A selfish…show more content…
We often would put feelings of others above us and would leave that setting. Notwithstanding underground man from the novel “Notes from Underground” is not only enjoying these situations, but also voluntarily is seeking for it. When underground man wanted to meet with his classmates, he knew like nobody else that he is not welcome there, and those people have no intentions to see him. However, he still decided to stay there until the end even by realizing in what situation he is. “Right now this very moment, I should stand up, take my hat, and simply leave without saying a single word… I’m leaving at once!..Of course, I stayed”( 676; ch.4). This demonstrates us that this person is aware and well realizes the situation, he knows how he supposed to act, to stand and leave, however he is enjoying these types of situations and because of his selfishness he ignores the opinion of others which is wanting him to leave, thus makes a decision to stay there “Out of Spite” regardless of what others
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