The Pathogens: A Short Story

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In a world over-run with the dead, it is sometimes hard to be alive and try to survive. For Rick, his everyday life is survival and Rick wanted to help, he wanted to be a hero. The pathogen that was released globally by the government in order to help cure diseases, turned out to turn most humans into flesh-eating monsters. However, Rick was immune to the pathogen. Carl, who is Ricks son, was immune too and he was kid-napped by a group of immune survivors, wearing a phoenix symbol who wanted to try to find a cure. Now, Rick is on a journey to rescue his son and save humanity.

Rick looked up at the sky and frowned, he realized it would rain soon. He quickly hurried into a small, dark shed and shut the door. "W-who 's there?" exclaimed a voice
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As dawn grew near, Rick and Mitchonne started to creep closer and closer to the base. After about 20 more minutes of walking they made it to the gate that was protecting the base. They climbed over it and rushed towards the nearest entrance. To Rick 's surprise, the door was open and they stumbled into the surveillance room. "There 's no one here, that 's strange.." Mitchonne said.

"Yeah.. maybe ther---" Rick stopped mid-sentence and pointed to one of the video surveillance screens. "It 's Carl! He 's here, He 's right there!" Rick began to cry. On the video screen it showed Carl and an other boy in a dimly lit room.

"That other child in there is Andre! It 's really him, I can 't believe it. I 'm so happy" Mitchonne said though her tears.

"It says there in Room 11, Let 's go now!" Rick Grabbed Mitchonne 's hand and led her to Room 11 following the signs. However, there were 6 guards outside the room and they spotted Rick and Mitchonne. Then a voice form behind them yelled.

" Who are you? and how the hell did you get in here?" Rick turned around and saw a an infuriated, tall middle aged man holding a gun.

" I came here to get my son back and so did she, now give them back and we won 't cause
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" I 'm afraid I can 't do that, you see I 'm in charge here. They call me the Warden, and actually... Guards! take them away and put them in Room 16, their immune as well and very valuable."

"N-no, You can 't do this!" Mitchonne Screamed.

"I won 't let them. Trust me" Rick let go of Mitchonne 's hand and grabbed his gun, but before he could shoot, the Warden shot rick in the shoulder. Rick then fell to the ground, and shot the lock off Room 11, where Carl and Andre were being held. Carl rushed out of the room and saw his dad and the women with him.

" Dad! you came! what did they do to you!" Car exclaimed.

"Guards! Lock them all up at once!" The Warden yelled.

"N-no.. N way I 'm letting that happen again." Carl said. He then grabbed a gun off a guard and shot him. Then Carl shot another guard and handed that gun to Andre. "Come on, we can take them together!" Carl and Andre exchanged fire with the guards and eventually brought them all down. Now only the Warden was left.

Rick was stunned, he couldn 't believe how strong his son had gotten. Rick and his son hugged and so did Andre and
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