Clemence Damour Character Analysis

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The Patisserie Mystery series is a series of novels by American crime mystery author Harper Lin. Set in Paris, the books feature Clemence Damour as the chief protagonist trying to solve murder cases in which she, her friends, or her employees are implicated as main suspects. What makes the series so unique as compared to other detective crime series is that, Clemence and her friends and associates solve murder cases while baking the most delicious French recipes of desserts and pastries. Clemence is a headstrong character that runs a very successful and popular patisserie in Paris where she invents new dessert flavors and pastries, takes experimental painting classes, and hangs out with her friends. After dating a murder suspect, Clemence is wary of ever loving again…show more content…
Clemence has never really felt at home in her native Paris, though as the heiress to one of the most popular pastry and dessert chain in the country, she has no choice but to be involved. After traveling all over the world she is finally settling down in Paris as the head of the city outlets. While her parents are away on business setting up another subsidiary of the chain in another country, she moves into one of their apartments.
As a gesture of friendship to the caretaker of her building, she brings her some macarons she gets from the patisserie who happens to be a huge fan of what her father is doing. What she did not expect is that the Caretaker would turn up dead on the next morning, with the half-eaten casserole of macaron on his table. The police now believe that Clemence is the prime suspect in the killing. Macaron Murder follows Clemence Damour’s journey in trying to absolve herself of the charges of murder of the caretaker. She needs to find the person the murderer that framed her or else she is going to spend the rest of her life in
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