The Patriot Act Analysis

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In regard to cybersecurity, evaluating the trade-off of being a valid tool in counterterrorism is to; establish a framework both state and local that will meet the government responsibilities. However, one of the key counterterrorism tools used was done under the USA PATRIOT ACT. The Patriot Act allows investigators to use tools that they had readily available to investigate organized crime and drug dealers. This outlines the national and domestic intelligence framework. The counterterrorism tools are used to gravity the terrorist networks by social media; mobile money transfers, Apple-FBI and they use online criminal activities such as unlawful access to a computer system such as hacking. Also one of the most valid tools is evaluated by data…show more content…
There are several aspects to consider and “the deployment of cybercrime-specific investigation instruments in cases of terrorist use of the Internet (such as the expedited preservation of computer data) can be advantageous as most countries do not limit the application of sophisticated investigation instrument to traditional cybercrime offences but include any offense involving computer data”(counter-terrorism implemenationtaskforce CTITF). Another example of dealing with terrorist use of the internet is the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) they are responsible for the practical aspects of cybersecurity. There major aim is to provide patterns for the development of any consistent cybercrime legislation specifically and terrorist…show more content…
This has changed the relationship between the intelligence and the law especially since the terrorist attack 9/11. As a result, our country has dealt with the profound experiences in responses to any terrorism on civil-liberties. Until, surprisingly when contractor Edward Snowden from the NSA, had whistleblower that the American people civil liberty was been infringed upon. This is where the government tragic failure begins, and it created mounting concerns. As you listen and watch, one has learned that the national security grounds the government started to illegally spying on citizens’ transaction and communication. I must say, that this brought reason for concern; because the Patriot Act bars such behavior. To add injury the government had no justification why their new surveillance method was not covered by the U.S. Patriot Act. However, I understand that the country is at high terrorist risk, but it is unjustifiably and unnecessary for the American government to infringe on our

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