The Patriot Movie Vs Movie Analysis

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In this essay I will be analyzing the overall attitude and movie of two movies. Both movies deal with the issue of the American revolutionary war. First one, “1776” a broadway musical transfer to the big screen, directed by Peter H. Hunt and realeased on 1972. Second one, “The Patriot”, more “popcorn” type movie, directed by Roland Emmerich, and realeased on 2000. We discussed 1776 is darker, almost pessimistic movie. Why is it? Because while John Adams and Bejamin Franklin tries to persuade American colonies to support resolution on independence, which is not very successful, in that time Thomas Jefferson is having a hard time with writing the Declaration of Independence and George Washington sends depressing letters, which tell about one millitary disaster after another. And despite all those things slave holders, landowners stands in the way of indepence, when a single “nay” vote can end the question of indepence, Caeser Rodney weakens because of his cancer and has to go back to Delaware leaving his vote for anti-independence George Read to represent Delaware. On the other hand, The Patriot is a bright movie, filled with vivid colors and action. The first reason why is this, because it 's a…show more content…
In both movies a big role plays colors. In 1776 most dominant colors are grey, blue green, they create depresing and pessimistic mood. In The Patriot dominates bright, vivid colors like yellow. Weather plays another big role, in 1776 most of the time it 's raining, sky is grey and you hardly see a sun. In The Patriot most of the days are sunny, weather is nice and warm. The third one, but obviously not the least, is soundtrack. Soundtrack makes a big difference in every movie and creates a mood of the action. The Patriot 's soundtrack is war motivating, uplifting, rich with wide sounds and does solid job to create a mood. Soundtrack in the 1776 is more pessimistic, lyrics reflect how things go in a bad direction and don 't show any
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