Summary: The Patriot Missile System

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The Patriot missile system had a predetermined course of action after Operation Desert Storm. At the time, the Patriot missile system was one of the most sophisticated designs in the world. The Patriot missile system, paved the way for the future of the American Air Defense operations. To this day, the Patriot missile system is continuously being used by the United States and a plethora of allies to deter and defend against inbound aerial threats. Allied partners of the United States saw the efficiency of the Patriot missile system accomplishing its mission. The Patriot missile system’s presence and the actions and decisions of the coalition forces influenced the outcome of the Gulf War and saved countless lives.
The Patriot missile was designed in the late 1970's as an antiaircraft weapon. However, it was modified in the 1980's to serve as a defense against incoming short range ballistic missiles. Until the Gulf War the Patriot had not been tested in combat. (7) In August 1990, Saddam Hussein ordered his army and strategically placed his troops on the southeastern border of Iraq. Surrounding nations predicted that
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Iraq owed a substantial amount of money to Kuwait for the expenses in the Iran-Iraq War. In the wake of taking the oil, Saddam Hussein attempted to replenish his nation’s financial deficit with the revenue he “produced using extra oil deals” (3). Assuming control Kuwait would eliminate his obligation. Hussein claimed that Kuwait owed him for battling the Iranians for the advantage of all Arab countries. Additionally, he convinced himself that Kuwait should be a territory of Iraq since it was originally a domain of the Ottoman Empire. According to (3), “Kuwait wound up autonomous just before Iraq was formed.” Saddam’s motive to invade and overtake Kuwait was an achievable goal for him and his

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