The Patriot Movie Analysis

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The Fight For Independence The Patriot The Patriot is a movie from 2000 and directed by Roland Emmerich and written by Robert Rodat. It 's based on the American independence. The main character is Benjamin Martin and he’s played by the actor Mel Gibson, Benjamin Martin was a dad and he was the leader of a Militia group who were fighting the British empire in 1776. The movies landscape is from Berkeley county, South Carolina. The movie is an action movie, it’s a little bloody and little silly at some moments. Benjamin and his family gets involved in this whole adventure by Benjamin 's oldest son who comes home with soldiers both American and British and many are heavily wounded and after the battles that have gone on near the house. After a while the British dragoons arrive who are led by the violent colonel William Tavington, They arrest Gabriel and kill most of the soldiers who were getting help by the Martin’s family. When the dragoons are ready to leave with Gabriel and some soldiers Benjamin’s next oldest son Thomas made a surprising move to rescue his older brother but he gets shot so quick he had no chance, they rode away with Gabriel and left Thomas with a shot wound in the chest and he died quickly after the dragoons had left. When Thomas died in Benjamin’s hands he realized he won 't let them take his 1th born son so he calls his two remainings son’s and they run after the Dragoons. They somehow succeed to kill the whole team of Dragoons and they rescue
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