The Patriot: Movie Analysis

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Many movies use imagery to make a point. For example the movie “The Patriot” by Mel Gibson, the main character Benjamin Martin is trying to keep his family and country in tact during the Revolutionary war. He uses four symbols, the Toy Soldiers, the North Star, the Cross, and the American Flag. One way that the “The Patriot” uses imagery, is the symbol Toy Soldiers. In the beginning of the movie, the second oldest son, Thomas, was playing with his toy soldiers in a field. He was also caught dressing up in his dad's uniform, and looking at himself in the mirror. In this scene Tomas says that he wants to join the army and fight for his country, but he is only 15 and his dad will not allow him to until he is 17. This shows that Thomas thinks…show more content…
During the battles they had flags on both sides of the field. Gabriel soon finds a tore up flag on the ground and a man in doubt says to him that the flag means nothing, that it is a lost cause. Gabriel picks up the flag and during the movie he starts sewing it back together. Gabriel is murdered by the same guy that killed his brother and his dads finds him and carries on the flag. At the last battle Benjamin waves the flag and runs to claim thier new victory. The flag represents the pride that the confederate had about his country. Lastly, the movie uses the cross as a symbol. throughout the movie you see many crosses. There is a scene where Benjamin is melting the toy soldiers for bullets and the cross is behind him. Also when the British burns the town’s church down with the civilians inside, the cross remains unburnt. The shows that everyone involved in the war had faith and died for everyone else’s freedom. In summary, “The Patriot” uses many symbols, the Toy Soldiers, the North Star, the American flag and the Cross. These four pieces of imagery help create a good understanding on life during this period in time. Mant challenges were faced and many lessons were learned. All in all, the movie showed the importance of the meaning of freedom to the people during the
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