The Patriot Snack: Declaration Of The Rights Of Man

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The French Revolution
The French Revolution began with the notion of liberty, equality, and popular sovereignty. What was revolutionary about the French Revolution? The storming of Bastille, the Declaration of the Rights of Man, and the end of Feudalism were all historically important events. There was not one specific factor that would be the glory of the French Revolution, but many events that would eventually bring France together and change the course of the nation.
In the painting, The Patriot Snack, the three estates seem to be living in harmony, enjoying the company of the others. However, the peasant seems to be leaned back in the direction of the weapons that are placed up against the tree. Possibly, to show a state of readiness as peasants were willing to fight for the idea that France could be a constitutional monarchy. Each representative is still wearing the apparel that distinguishes them and the class in which they belong, seemingly portraying that there was still a segregation of classes. The peasants in the background are hunting on noble
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In the background of the portrait, the prison of Bastille, a symbol of the old regime still stands. In July of 1789, the Bastille was stormed by both men and women to obtain gunpowder and weapons, and was later demolished, destroying a symbol of oppression. Its shows the fearful faces of the nobility, and the clergy as the Third Estate consisted of about 98% of the population. With the shortages of food and economic depression, violence became more prevalent as peasants revolted and attacked the homes of their lords destroying documents of their dues freeing them of their oppressive contacts. This became known as the Great Fear and inspired the National Assembly to abolish
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