The Patrojan War Literary Analysis

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Have you ever heard of the Trojan war? If not, it has some great literary pieces based off that war. One of these stories was the book The Trojan War. In this book, you can find multiple hidden themes or lesses. One of the themes I found was that glory can be attained through death. This may be not by dying, but also by killing someone else. I find this theme all over the book. Some specific places would be by the death of Hector, Achilles, and Patroclus, who were all warriors for either the Greeks or the Trojans. Though each of them both die or kill someone differently, they each obtain the glory that some might say they deserved. One of the many ways you can find this throughout the Trojan War book is through Patroclus’ death. He…show more content…
He was killed by the warrior Paris. While in battle, Paris, whom had fled from the battle, was given a poisonous arrow by the god Apollo. He took this arrow and shot it over a wall and hit Achilles right in the heel. The poison spread very quickly, as we read on page one-hundred and forty-four: “Achilles staggered for a moment as the fiery poison of the god burned through his veins.” We can see how he had great glory in two ways. One way he had glory was as he killed people. So many of the enemies deaths were caused by him, and now he would no longer be around to create victory for the Greeks. He also gained more glory because they valued how much more they really needed him once he was gone. As he died people mourned around him, as said on page one-hundred and forty-five “The body of Achilles lay beneath the feet of the fighters, face-down upon the earth.” These great heros’ deaths all have proven how glory is attained by death. Patroclus was mourned for two days because of his death. Hector definitely gained glory from killing people, but he also got a great deal more from dying. Same with Achilles, he had been glorified and relied on a huge amount, as he killed so many warriors, but when he died, people definitely recognized him and glorified him more. Both them killing and then them dying helped them to attain that
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