Social Construction Of Gender Roles In Society

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An individual’s gender is not something that is actively thought about during the day. But, it shapes who they are as a person. Gender influences how a person walks, talks, dresses, and it shapes a person’s personality, and effects how they are perceived by others. However, society has stamped an image into the minds of many people of how roles of each gender should be played out with two recognized gender types, a man and a woman. There are many types of gender roles a man or a woman may assume to be, and how they are placed into society. This can be referred to as the “social construction of gender” - the gender difference of a man and woman. The ideas of how one should act and behave are often times ascribed by their gender on how society…show more content…
They refer to the rights and responsibilities, including relationships in all individuals. Yet, much gender relations are not as highly known. For instance, in terms of the sociological imagination: “Patterns of gender relations are found throughout society, although much of the time these patterns remain invisible to us” (Mills, 2000), explains huge breakthroughs in society that are still patterns of gender relations found throughout society. I have always been identified as a female and have enjoyed partaking in activities that society has deemed ‘girly.’ For instance, as I mentioned in my daily routine, I love to do my makeup and hair. But, I also love fashion, shopping for clothes, draw, and listen to pop or female centered music. I consider myself to be a feminist in many ways. For example, I recently begun to realize that most of what I perceive to be feminine, and acceptable behaviors for a female has been shaped by my own surroundings. I grew up with parents that carried a combination of some religious beliefs of Catholicism, along with a mix of liberal politics. I am very lucky that my parents emphasized the importance of education, having goals, and achieving them. Growing up, it was assumed that I would go to a university and have a career after my undergrad, which I did carry but it is still in the process. In addition, it was deemed likely that I would marry and have children when I get older and when I am…show more content…
"Construction of gender theory argues that girls and boys are actively involved in constructing their own gendered identities. Men and women can even take up a range of different masculinities and femininities that may at times contradict each other. This construction of gender identities (or subjectivities), varieties of femininities or masculinities, is also seen as dynamic, ongoing, changing and changeable, rather than static or fixed" (Allard, Cooper, Hildebrand, & Wealands, 1995: 24). However, it should not matter how society portrays each gender to be. Everyone should be accepted for the way they are happy to be, no matter if you carry more femininities or masculinities and you are not set up to be that way. All people should be comfortable with their own personality and how they perceive the way of
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