The Pearl By John Steinbeck: A Literary Analysis

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The short book of The Pearl begins with a dramatic event occurring in a family of 3 's life. The son of the husband and wife, gets stung by a scorpion and seeks medical attention. The husband, Kino sees the scorpion, hears a song of terror in his head, and then smashes it into pieces. They go to a doctor that is racist and only gives medical attention to people with money, which they don 't have enough of. The son then starts to get better, but they still think he needs medical attention so go searching for pearls in the ocean. Kino finds an enormous pearl and thinks that it will change his life. It changes his life by causing terror and gives him terrible luck. He becomes greedy and doesn 't care about his family currently, but is thinking about the future if he sells the pearl. People end up finding out that he found a gigantic pearl and try to steal it…show more content…
The story of The Pearl is a parable, because it contains many morals, lots of symbolism, and many life lessons as well. For example, it contains many morals about greed and family. The story tells us not to be greedy by showing that Kino is greedy and back events occur to him. The book also tells us that family over money. In addition, the story contains lots of symbolism, by making many objects and events as signs of things. The pearl symbolized a reward in return of his son getting stung by the scorpion. It was a reward, but he was too greedy so it brought him bad luck. Furthermore, it was contained many life lessons like not to be greedy, to care about family more than anything, and to do anything for family, because family is everything. By being so greedy, only caring about his opinions, beating his wife for saying things he disagreed with, and not accepting any offers the jewelry stores were offering brought him bad luck. Also, by caring about his family 's future, not present life distracted him and made him into a bad man. In my opinion, this book teaches lots of useful lessons and everyone should take in
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