The Pearl Cause And Effect Essay

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Analytical Writing Task: Cause and Effect Analysis Throughout the novella The Pearl, by John Steinbeck the main character Kino, undergoes a series of mishaps lead by his greed, ending with the greatest loss of all, losing his only child, Coyotito. These events all caused by a pearl that was meant to provide his family with a better life, ironically caused the loss of his family and making him a murderer. These events start off slowly turning into greater life changing events. When Coyotito gets bitten by a scorpion Juana, his mom tried sucking the poison out and immediately wants to take Coyotito to the doctor. Stepping in their own shadow they go to see the doctor and he treats like animals because of their economic status. In desperation to find a way to get Coyotito help, Kino goes in his boat and finds “the pearl of the world”, which is the commence of the calamity. The whole town became aware of Kino’s finding and became adversaries. The opulent doctor suddenly became interested in curing Coyotito and poisoned him to get…show more content…
When asked what he wanted from the pearl he replied “"We will be married - in the church."” “"We will have new clothes."”, “"A rifle,"”, “"Our son must learn to read,"” (Steinbeck, 12). Instead of getting married in a church, Kino beat Juana up for trying to get rid of the pearl; Opposed to of having new clothes, his house burned out; Before he could send Coyotito to school, Coyotito got shot in the head by the Kino’s trackers after he killed his attacker; The only thing Kino did get was his rifle, but he has to live with the bereft of losing his child and killing four people. The tragic hero of The Pearl lost everything to his tragic flaw, greed. Although he could’ve avoided this calamity if he listened to Juana when she gave an intimation when she said “It is not good to want a thing too much. It sometimes drives the luck away.You must want it
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