The Pearl Monologue

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I am Kino I have a wife named Juana and a son named Coyotito we live in Mexico we are a very poor family. We live in a village with other people who are like me, poor. I have an older brother that leads the village.

One day, Juana had just served me breakfast, as I was eating, something got our attention. We both looked by were Coyotito was in the hanging box. It was a scorpion crawling on his hanging box. I moved quietly and smoothly as possible with my hands in front of me ready to catch the scorpion, but Coyotito had moved the rope on the hanging box where the scorpion fell on his shoulders and struck. Coyotito started crying and screaming. Juana proposed we take him to the doctor, I agreed. We went to his house, but he didn’t want to help
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When all the dealers had made their price I knew they were cheating me by saying the pearl was worthless. So I decided to go to the capital with my wife and son. As we were getting ready to leave someone attacked me trying to steal my pearl so I stabbed him and left him on the floor. I knew it wouldn’t be long for the people from the other village to come searching for the dead man so we had to leave quickly, I got my family and got going. We had been walking for a long time when I heard the trackers coming from a distance. Juana and I decided to go through the mountains to lose them. Unfortunately, it did not work, they were a couple of hours behind us. We took a break in a cave and fell asleep. It was dark when I was awakened by the trackers. They were right below the cave, I knew we weren’t going to get out of the cave without being seen. The only way to escape was to kill them. So, I started to crawl as quietly as possible, but they had heard a noise coming from the cave and shot at it. I attacked them leaving no survivors. I ran inside the cave only to find my wife crying with blood on her hands and my son dead. We returned to the village and threw the pearl back into the ocean. With all the bad luck the pearl had brought us, we were scared of what more it would cause. We watched the pearl sink down in the green water. Juana and I continued our lives, but always remembered our son

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