The Pearl Symbolism Essay

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The Pearl is a Symbol

The pearl is not only the title of the book but also the largest symbol of the entire book. The pearl changes its meaning thought out the course of the book. The pearl portrays a symbol of hope and then the most terrifying symbol of destruction. Although the pearl is mentioned several times but it is always indicated in different ways. In the beginning of the book it mentions the pearl as being able to make a new life for Kino. In the first chapter of the book Kino 's son, Coyotito is stung by a scorpion and has to be taken to the doctor. The doctor refuses to treat the child without proper treatment. When Kino offered up eight ugly grey pearls as payment he was denied help from the doctor. From this I learned that
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The Pearl over took Kino 's life. The once content and loving man has become greedy. His spiritual ideals were out away and replaced with the need of money and objects. When Kino thought this way he was giving into the colonial life style. The colonists strived for more and now that Kino is blessed with this majestic item he is blinded by a craving to be better than his surroundings. The Pearl is causing Kino to turn into one of the men he despised in the beginning of the book. In the beginning the doctor was selfish and won 't help Coyotito unless he was well paid. This enraged Kino because all the doctor cared about was his income. When Kino was put into a position where he had that chance to change his way of life he leaped at the opportunity. When he was offered money for the pearl Kino believed his pearl wasn 't worthy of any of the low offers. In some ways that was causing Kino to act more and more like the doctor. In one way the pearl symbolized how it could change a simple man into a greedy monster. As the symbol of the pearl change so did Kino. When the pearl represented hope kino was hopeful. Once others were jealous of the pearls value Kino became greedy and only interested in the objects wealth. When the others became desperate for the pearl Kino had to kill a man in self defense. Kino 's action made him desperate to get away from the town and to
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