The Pearl Women Essay

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The Pearls Position on Women

How would a wife react to her husband who insist upon being manly and keeping a precious pearl, regardless of the consequences such as envy and greed that could possibly tear their family apart? Would she cower and support his wishes, or would she confront him on his endeavors and try to stop them. There is such a family who John Steinbeck addresses in the book “The Pearl.” The events that unfolded in the book interprets the role of women to be caretakers and submissive as well as a strong backbone of support for their husbands.

Based on the events that occur in the book, the role of women are servants who tend to the needs of the household. Juana is the wife of a fisherman by the name of Kino. Every morning
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Upon finding the pearl the people in the community bring forth greed and envy upon Kino and Juana. Everyday seemed plagued with paranoia for the family. After an attempt by an outsider to steal the pearl, Juana suggests to Kino that they “break it between stones” (38). The pearl was “like a sin!” (38). this angered Kino because this request was against his wishes therefore ordained her to “Do not speak anymore. In the morning we will sell the pearl, and then the evil will be gone, and only the good remain. Now hush, my wife.” (39). Juana cowered and followed his orders. Juana is completely controlled by Kino. She has no power or authority to express or conceive any suggestions in any matter. For additional instance, when the priest arrived to congratulate Kino of his great fortune the women around and near the surrounding area bowed and cover their faces in his presence. Furthermore, these actions justify the fact that women in this book are subdued to the reign of men. Although, in some instances women are the foundation for their men when danger or failure is upon them as well as when guidance is greatly
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