The Pedestrian By Harrison Bergeron Essay

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A considerable measure of times, technology has the capacity help us, however it likewise influences our lives in a bigger number of courses than we might suspect. For instance, in the short story “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury is demonstrating an antagonistic part of how technology changed society. Technology is giving individuals some sort of force that they end up abusing. The policeman that was cruising by, let his power get to his head so he attempted to capture Mr. Mead in light of his title and on the grounds that he could. He didn 't have any genuine motivation to nor did he have the privilege to capture him. Another example of a short story is “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr, who wants the individuals who are wonderful, must wear ugly veils, astute individuals must wear headsets that clatter their brains and nerves with a progression of boisterous, irritating sounds, and…show more content…
Technology now is used on a daily basis but in this story, the author tells us how people are more willing to stay inside and watch TV rather than exploring the real or doing something active. When the police officer came to talk to him just because he is the only one outside he asked if he had a "viewing screen in [his] house" which he replied with a no and caused the officer to be suspicious of him (Bradbury 100). Even before the questioning, the police officer was already suspicious of him because he was the odd one out. Mead was treated by the officer differently because he was the only one who not inside watching tv. When the officer told him to get in and when he peered into the back seat which was a “little cell, a little black jail with bars” it is a metaphor for the imprisonment that technology creates (100). Technology is something that is not healthy because once it is used by one person every day then that person would get addicted to it, which basically means that technology “traps”

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