The Pedestrian Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The short story The pedestrian by Ray Bradbury and the film adaptation by Alan Bollinger had a change in theme. The (PBS) article on film adaptation discusses the difference between written text and film and the struggle of adapting a book into a movie. Most novels and stories are at one point made into a movie. Stories and novels rely on a narrator to tell the story but in most movies there is no narrator. A film often takes away your visual interpretation by showing you a visual on the screen. Film has certain limitations like time, imagination, and the need to collaborate with many people and work together. Sometimes films don’t tell the story very well because the filmmaker can change the story and change what happens. A film sometimes…show more content…
In the story he picked up a dead leaf and in the film he picked up a dandelion and showed it to his friend. I believe that the dead leave symbolizes that there was no hope and the dandelion seeds spreading show that is hope and that walking will spread and more people will start walking. In the book Leonard Mead was taken away and the dead leaf symbolizes no hope in the film Leonard Mead was taken but his friend was left behind and he picked up a dandelion to symbolize hope.
There are many differences in the film than from the book here are a few examples. One difference is that in the book Leonard was just walking and wasn’t thinking about being caught at all but in the film Leonard and and his friend were running and hiding from the patrol cars and drones. Another difference is that Leonard wasn’t alone his friend was with him. I believe the director decided to put in a second character and change Leonard picking up a dead leaf to dandelion and blowing on it to show that there is hope and that more people will begin to
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